Contemporary wall mount fireplace

The examples are very good from the model is alcohol wall mount fireplace bio Mazzetto by Redwitz. This beautiful fireplace even without fire, because they fix the decorative panels are amazing. Although the fire to add to their special charm. In the IMM Cologne 2010 Rewitz has presented a new Nero Mazzetto mounting plate with black style. There are also available Mazzeto Mazzeto Blanco and Rose with stainless steel and rusted steel panel is back on. Thanks to the development of different fuels to modern fireplace you can admire the beauty of a fire in a house or apartment room. Such as fuel alcohol or ethanol, bio-bio makes it possible to vary the design fireplace and make them more compact. One of the most interesting kind of modern fireplace is a wall mount models. They occupy a small space and very easy to install.