Black and white apartment in Copenhagen

This apartment is located in Copenhagen and belongs to a graphic designer and a head chef of the gourmet restaurant. They both like the order and different beautiful things. The building itself is quite old so the apartment was renovated when current owners had got it. The whole apartment’s area is 120 square meters. It is divided for two zones: a living space and a bathroom with a room for a washing machine and a dryer. A lot of woodwork were done for the apartment during the renovation. It’s got completely black wood floors with several furniture pieces from the same wood. These black floors and furniture were mixed with white walls and white furniture pieces so the interior doesn’t look too dark. Thanks to large windows there are a lot of natural light during the day and that also helps to make the apartment more livable. Among other things in the apartment you could find interesting bringt decorations that catch attention in the black and white background.