The Butterfly Chair

I’m sure you noticed the tendency of bringing to design trend world old pieces whether it’s about furniture, clothing or accessories. We usually say that new is the well-known old. So this is what happened to the butterfly chair. I’ve been thinking to write about it awhile now, so today finally I decided to see what is with this chair and why did it return to the world of design. About the past of the butterfly chair: it was designed by the Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, together with Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan in 1938-1939 while working in Buenos Aires for Grupo Austral. This chair is also known as BKF chair (after its designers’ last names). Nowadays, the butterfly chair kept the design though it’s available in leather of different colors or cow hide. It works great for any indoor room, as well as outdoor area. Here are some inspiring pictures: