Fast and easy makeovers

Style at home had recently an article about makeover ideas which will take only 10 min. The article caught my attention, because these days we don’t have plenty of time or funds to redecorate our homes every second day, so I was curious to know what are those fast (and cheap) makeovers we can implement in our homes. I will share some of them with you and I’m hoping to be helpful and give you some ideas as well!

If speaking about rearranging, it can be about a chair or a coffee table, just knowing you changed something will make you feel different!

2. Bring fresh flowers and fruits inside. Won’t say much here, you know how much I adore flowers and I always say that for the wellness of the home & owners, fresh flowers are crucial! And fruits too!

3. Organize. Clutter can always be a problem when you’re busy or just oh well, bad at organizing stuff. This is a definitely important step toward transforming a house into a home, plus how satisfying it is after you cleared the clutter?

4. Aromatherapy. Scented candles here and there will complete your home with a romantic (or not) scent, choose the fragrance you desire and be sure that your home will be very inviting and cozy!