Small Bathroom, Big Idea: Space-Saving Fold-Out Fixtures

The best of both worlds: everything you could want from a master bathroom makeover except … there is no floor plan, minimal installation cost and essentially no remodeling involved. It is simply a space-saving, portable, modular but fully-functional bathroom in a box.

Rather than redo the entire room, this cool concept involves new installation rather than radical renovation.The fixtures flip out from the compact box unit pushed against the wall – showers are a simple transformation away.

Pictures do not do this bathroom concept justice – you could tuck this unit in any interior space large or small. Layouts matter only insofar as there remains sufficient area for the fold-down functions (though tile and backsplash might be good ideas to include as well). In short: it is the perfect plug-and-play room-within-a-room – the easiest home addition in the world (providing you have space for it).