Master Bathrooms Gallery: 10 Modern Design Idea Photos

Some of the best designs have a dramatic twist, a hidden surprise that makes them worthy of note. Others are simply remarkably for their elegant simplicity, even if they are clean, perfect and idealized beyond the realm of real-life possibility – like the great (but expensive) ideas in these designer bathroom pictures.

Still, while you may not have as much room as the bathrooms in these images do, some of these strategies still apply. Diffuse natural (or even artificial) lighting around a shower or bath tub, for example, can make for a more intimate bathroom space. A basin also often looks more contemporary and clean than a built-in sunken sink.

Simple black and white works well in the background with wood and mirror accents, and simple partitions even in smaller bathroom spaces can assist in compartmentalizing various functions and zones. Done right, these kinds of tricks avoid the need for excessive decorating as well – the painting and materials make up the decor.

Extra shelving, wall-hung mirrors, cabinets and vanities can help a space feel more open, light and free of clutter