Lights, City, Condo! Colorful Cinema-Style Interior Design

colorful interior design a

Flexible, versatile and open, the plan is spacious and the views are sweeping – each room opens up into the next and strange same-colored lighting ties the entire set of spaces together under a single roof at the flip of a switch.

colorful interior design d

A combination of naturally changing direct and indirect daylight light as well as bright colors of artificial lights make for an ever-shifting scenographic experience.

colorful interior lighting design

The built-in architectural furnishings and stark lighting elements become as much the decor as the occasional decorative plant or framed painting.

colorful interior design b

Still, one has to wonder if there is a hidden ‘price’ to all of this (beyond the actual design-and-installation bills). Living in a movie-like environment might sound like fun, but keeping such a huge space clean is a task in itself. And while these multi-colored lights may make for a fun night-club atmosphere are they really practical for comfortable day-to-day living? Nothing against AA Design studio – their execution was excellent and the spaces are amazing – but whether they will love living in it is ultimately up to the creative clients who commissioned the condo reconstruction in the first place.