Beds in Bedrooms: 10 Furniture Pictures Set in Real Spaces

Until you get the bed in the bedroom, it may look contemporary, cozy and cool but might ultimate mismatch your interior space. As these ten pictures illustrate, furniture design is not just about the bed-as-object but about the bedrooms-as-context in which these designs are placed.

from the architecture and colors right down to the decor – look as impressive as the ones in these photos? Will a rounded headboard or entirely circular frame match with right-angle bedroom walls?

One Size and Style Fits All, or None? Kids, twin, queen or king – modern rectangular to contemporary round – each of these wood and metal-frame bed-and-mattress sets is photographed within an existing interior setting to match it in terms of color and style, then covered

Beds and Bedroom Design in Context: In the showroom, black, green, pink, purple and red might all look like good options at first for a matched bed frame and linen set, but will the duvet match the drapes (to paraphrase and sanitize the common saying)? Full-feature luxury only works when there is a room to make it worthwhile.