The Pion Chair by Aleksandr Shnayder

The Pion Chair is about highlighting the contrast between the two elements that compose a chair, the structural mechanical element, and the human interaction element. Rather then starting with the structural and then putting the human part on top, the designer moved the structural to the outside and the interaction to the inside. Thus, both elements live on the same plane with one another, rather then stacked. Also, the inside appears to float on its own since it does not interact with the outer frame on the backside. This creates an interesting visual effects which adds emphasis the division of the elements, but it also serves a functional purpose. The disconnect allows the panels have a bit of movement to them, thus allowing for a bit of flexibility when accommodating a user to avoid an overly rigid feel.

Pion Back The Pion Chair by Aleksandr Shnayder Pion Front The Pion Chair by Aleksandr Shnayder