Contemporary Vanities – Solace Bathroom Vanity

Installing a modern bathroom vanity is a great way to remodel your bathroom, or resuscitate a boring bathroom design. Many contemporary vanities, much unlike their traditional counterparts, feature a minimalist (“bare bones”) aesthetic that is often quite striking in its simplicity and beauty. Of course, some of these vanities just end up looking trashy. Today, some of the most popular and common vanities are manufactured with steel or chrome and glass. Again, this is a nod to minimalist art, and the philosophy that sometimes less is more. Which brings us to the 35” Solace Bathroom Vanity. Like many modern vanities, the Solace is wall-mounted. The solace features sturdy chrome construction and, as with most modern vanities, features a very sparse look. But just because it is simple, do not assume that it is unattractive. In fact, the simplicity of the Solace’s design is one of its more endearing qualities.

bathroom glass vanity Contemporary Vanities   Solace Bathroom  Vanity

bathroom glass vanity2 Contemporary Vanities   Solace Bathroom  Vanity